Stewards are fellow members in the union and a valuable resources. Stewards, in partnership with and with the support the Executive:

  • investigate, write, and file grievances on behalf of members.
  • help to solve problems outside the grievance procedure.
  • ensure good communication between the members and the executive.
  • educate members about the collective agreement, about the union’s role in the workplace – and about important social issues.
  • stand up as a strong ally with members from equality-seeking groups.
  • mobilize members to support the union’s role in bargaining, to attend public rallies, etc..
  • act as a mediator when members are in conflict with each other.
  • help a member get accommodation or return to work after an injury or illness.

CUPE 410 stewards represent the members  and protect the rights won in the collective agreement.

Who are your Stewards

  • Art Gallery (2): Salma Naili, Tony Adams
  • Bruce Hutchison: Delia Filipescu
  • Central (1): Caitlin Ottenbreit
  • Central (2): Kyla Butler
  • Central Saanich: Debbie Chu
  • Emily Carr: Melissa Worobel
  • Esquimalt: Sharlene Patterson
  • Goudy / Langford: Vacant
  • sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ James Bay : Sue Grant
  • Juan de Fuca/CaTS: Tracy Obsniuk
  • Nellie McClung: Stuart McLean
  • Oak Bay: Melina Edwards
  • Saanich Centennial: Niki Sutherland

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