Elected Officers, Stewards, Chairpersons

CUPE 410 represents Greater Victoria Public Library and Art Gallery of Greater Victoria workers.  For contact information please visit our forum.  You will need to log into the forum with your email and password.

CUPE 410

Elected Officers, Stewards and Committee Chairpersons



President:                                                       Fatima Ferreira

Vice-President:                                              Rebecca Baugniet

Treasurer:                                                       Vicki Sundher

Recording Secretary:                                    Adrienne Else

Membership Secretary:                                Marianne Baatz

Correspondence Secretary:                          Kelly Lisson



Central (1)                                                       Caitlin Ottenbreit

Central (2)                                                       Kyla Butler

Bruce Hutchison                                             Vacant

Central Saanich                                              Debbie Chu

Emily Carr                                                       Melissa Worobel

Esquimalt                                                        Sharlene Patterson

Goudy/Langford                                            Vacant

Juan de Fuca/CaTS                                        Vacant

Nellie McClung                                              Stuart McLean

Oak Bay                                                           Vacant

Saanich Centennial                                       Niki Sutherland

sJames Bay                                                     Vacant


Art Gallery of Greater Victoria                    Salma Naili, Tony Adams



3 Year Term                                                    Devon Tatton

2 Year Term                                                    Darrell Joyce

1 Year Term                                                    Aaron Thom



Chair – Occupational Health and Safety      Adrienne Else

Union Management Committee                    Fatima Ferreira, Adrienne Else, Heather Murch (M@L)

Bargaining Committee                                     Fatima Ferreira, Rebecca Baugniet, Heather Murch (M@L)

CUPE Scholarship Committee                        Kate Rutherford

CUPE 410 Scholarship Committee                Melissa Worobel

Vancouver Island District Council (3)           Karen Cofield, Sharlene Patterson, Fatima Ferreira

Victoria Labour Council (2)                            Aaron Thom, Karen Cofield



Bargaining Committee (2) N/A

Union Management Committee (2): Ellen Manning, M. Ali Kahn

Stewards: Salma Naili, Tony Adams