Victoria Labour Council – May 2016

18 May 2016

[There was no guest speaker]

Report of the CLC Representative:

– There is a campaign to pressure certain MLAs in BC so that they will encourage Christy Clark to support additions to the Canada Pension Plan.  (Altering the Plan requires approval from the provinces.)

– The CLC will hold two conferences in Ottawa: one for Young Workers; one on human rights and equity.

– The Federal Liberals have agreed in principle to legislate vs. asbestos.

– The CLC has a “1 Million Climate Jobs Action Plan”;

-Around Labour Day, the CLC will have a lot of messaging about standing for fairness–how the labour movement stands for fairness in general society, not just in their own workplaces.  Work on CPP is an example of this.

Reports of Delegates:

– Unifor 333 (transit)  8 months ago, BC Transit asked for bids on medium-sized buses.  Transit awarded the contract to a Chinese company that has only manufactured 15 buses in its lifetime.  Unifor plans a campaign about buying Canadian.  There are companies in other provinces who can build these buses.

– CUPW (postal workers)  The union will hold strike votes from May 28th – June 26th.  In the event of “work disruption”, postal workers will continue to deliver “socioeconomic cheques and live animals”.
Expect questions to the public on CUPW’s website–an opportunity for public feedback.

– (social services)  Workers in this sector now have a Memorandum of Agreement concerning portability.  If they have to switch jobs within their sector, they can keep their wages and seniority.  There have been a lot of problems with retaining employees, so this is good news.

– IBEW (electrical workers)  There has been progress vs. asbestos at the Federal level.  The union is pushing BC to adopt Alberta’s level of asbestos safety for workers, which would be a great improvement.  The delegate met with two Victoria councillors to revisit the issue of asbestos in the city.  3 retired workers have reported asbestos-related problems; two of these three had worked for the City of Victoria.
Progress in wages for electrical workers.

– (care workers)  The BC Nurses’ Union is raiding up-island.  The BCN targeted staff at Stanford Place in Parksville.

United Way:

– Stu Shields has been nominated as the new director.  He has a strong labour background.

Unfinished Business:

– The Day of Mourning event on April 28th was a positive event with 5- or 6-hundred attendees.

Good and Welfare:

–  MLA Maureen Karagianis will host a High Tea fundraiser on June 18th.  RSVP by June 1st.  40 women attended last year.

– Greater Victoria Acting Together has a series of house meetings coming up: small groups at members houses multiple times per week.

– The Rainbow Kitchen will be renovated Sept. 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 by Hero Work Volunteers.  More volunteers are welcome.  Unifor 333 will provide food.

-The VLC’s June meeting will be the last meeting until September.  Remember Pride Parade on July 10th, then remember Labour Day.