3 thoughts to “Please check the forum for updates”

  1. Hi Karen,
    I understand your frustration. We are all worried about being laid off. At this point, we are waiting for an update from the employer. We cannot answer questions about why other systems are making their decisions. It’s been a pretty tough week of adjusting our mindsets to a different reality.

    In Solidarity,

  2. Why has VIRL and now possibly GVPL laid off their staff. There are 500,000 people that applied for uic on Friday. GVPL and VIRL both have their budgets for 2020 and salaries are part of that budget. This sounds like a cash grab for management at VIRL and GVPL. Poor Federal government is going to have to put billions of dollars UIC. Those monies should be used for the self employed, small businesses and retail. Not for municipal workers that already funded by the government. It is disgusting what VIRL has done.

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