Municipal election candidates endorsed by Victoria Labour Council

This is from the Victoria Labour Council:

Municipal elections are quickly approaching. The Victoria Labour Council works with unions and community partners to identify key issues and priorities that are important to working people in Victoria and the surrounding areas.
Earlier this year we put out a call to those who plan on standing for office and wanted to seek endorsement from the Victoria Labour Council. We only endorse candidates who seek our support.
Our endorsement process is now complete, and we are pleased to recommend the following candidates to our members.

* identifies incumbent.
City of Victoria
Marianne Alto *
Ben Isitt *
Jeremy Loveday*
Grace Lore
Laurel Collins
Sarah Potts
Sharmarke Dubow

Central Saanich
Zeb King *

Judy Brownoff *
Colin Plant *
Zac de Vries
Nathalie Chambers

School District #61
Rob Paynter *
Diane McNally*
Ryan Painter
Jordan Watters*
Vincent Gornall

School District #62
Ravi Parmar *

Oak Bay
Andrew Stinson
Isabella Lee

Gordie Logan *