Donations to CUPE locals on strike

As announce at the May 14th union meeting, the executive decided to sent $200 each to two locals who are on strike.  Below is a little bit of info on each local:

CUPE Local 3903

Three thousand members of CUPE Local 3903 at York University have been on strike for two months with no end in sight.

Following six months of bargaining, the employer has refused to remove concessions from its offer. The university administration also refused to address the key issues that have led to the strike: job security for contract faculty, the stability and predictability of funding for teaching and graduate assistants, the loss of more than 800 graduate assistant positions, and support for survivors of sexual violence. These contract and precarious members perform over 60% of the teaching occurring at York University.


CUPE Local 5317

Members of CUPE Local 5317 (Viterra – Port of Montréal), approximately 51 members in total, have been locked out by their employer for two months with no end in sight. These members are trying to achieve a first collective agreement, but the employer is closing the door on all the local’s issues.

These members are fighting to achieve equity regarding salaries and schedules with the other CUPE members at Port of Montréal.

All attempts to negotiate these issues have been dismissed by the employer.