CUPE 410 donates $500 to support Indigenous victims of mining repression

“Thirteen Q’eqchi’ plaintiffs, suing Hudbay Minerals and CGN (Guatemalan subsidiary company, formerly owned by Hudbay) for mining related repression, are coming to Toronto, Canada (11 of them in November 2017; 2 more in early 2018) to be deposed by Hudbay lawyers as part of the precedent setting Hudbay/CGN lawsuits…

Funds raised are paying for many of the costs of the 13 plaintiffs (and two accompaniers) travelling from their home communities in rural, eastern Guatemala, to Toronto and back again.  Eleven of the plaintiffs are uni-lingual Q’eqchi’ speakers who have never travelled outside of Guatemala, let alone travelled in a plane.  As Hudbay will incur some of the expenses, our costs include: in-Guatemala travel; in-Canada travel; food and lodging in Guatemala (near airport); acquiring passports & visas; purchasing extra clothing and footwear (for people who live in one of the hottest regions of Guatemala); family stipends to leave food and care-givers for children staying at home; two Rights Action trips to Guatemala in October, to help prepare the plaintiffs for the trip and accompany them.”

  • Exerpt from “Indigenous plaintiffs come to Toronto, Nov.6-25, to be deposed by Hudbay Minerals lawyers:  Is Justice Possible in Canada or Guatemala for Hudbay Minerals/CGN Mining Repression?”


If you’re interested in reading more about this court case, you can access the complete article here.

There is also additional information at the Mining Justice Action Committee website