New and returning CUPE 410 officers!

Last night at the 410 AGM we chose a new executive, plus stewards and other officers for the union.  Thank you all for your kind support.  We will serve all of the members in our union to the best of our abilities.  Below is a list of your new and returning officers.  We will be accepting nominations shortly for the vacant positions, and will hold an election during the January meeting (date/location TBD).


Executive committee:

President – Helen Hughes

Vice-President – Melissa Worobel

Treasurer – Vicki Sundher

Recording Secretary – vacant

Membership Secretary – Darrell Joyce

Correspondence Secretary – Fatima Ferreira



Bruce Hutchison – vacant

Central (1) – Adrienne Else

Central (2) – Rondallyn Perras

Central Saanich – Sue Grant

Emily Carr – vacant

Esquimalt – Fatima Ferreira

Goudy/Langford Heritage – vacant

Juan de Fuca/CaTS – Ursula Benoit

Nellie McClung – Marianne Baatz

Oak Bay – Jessica Johnson

Saanich Centennial – vacant


3 year Trustee: Adrienne Else



OH&S chair – Laura Baker

Union Management Member-at-Large – Adrienne Else