New and returning CUPE 410 officers!

Last night at the 410 AGM we chose a new executive, plus stewards and other officers for the union.  Thank you all for your kind support.  We will serve all of the members in our union to the best of our abilities.  Below is a list of your new and returning officers.  We will be accepting nominations shortly for the vacant positions, and will hold an election during the January meeting (date/location TBD).


Executive committee:

President – Helen Hughes

Vice-President – Melissa Worobel

Treasurer – Vicki Sundher

Recording Secretary – vacant

Membership Secretary – Darrell Joyce

Correspondence Secretary – Fatima Ferreira



Bruce Hutchison – vacant

Central (1) – Adrienne Else

Central (2) – Rondallyn Perras

Central Saanich – Sue Grant

Emily Carr – vacant

Esquimalt – Fatima Ferreira

Goudy/Langford Heritage – vacant

Juan de Fuca/CaTS – Ursula Benoit

Nellie McClung – Marianne Baatz

Oak Bay – Jessica Johnson

Saanich Centennial – vacant


3 year Trustee: Adrienne Else



OH&S chair – Laura Baker

Union Management Member-at-Large – Adrienne Else



AGM – November 20th @ Nellie McClung

Our AGM is only a couple of weeks away on November 20th (6:30pm) at the Nellie McClung Branch.

Elections for the executive, stewards, and officers will be held that night.  In order to facilitate a more fair and efficient meeting, please fill out the nomination form here if you’d like to nominate somebody for a position in your union.  The form closes November 13th at midnight.  Nominations can also be made on the floor.

Food will be provided as per usual.  If you need any childcare or carpool assistance that evening, please contact your branch steward.


For more information please see the post on our forum under General > General Questions > List of positions for 2017/18 election

If you need help logging into the website, please fill out our contact form.  We’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

AGM in a week & Food from Deep India

Our AGM is only a week away! Monday, November 28 at Nellie McClung at 6:30pm. Come to nominate and elect/re-elect your new executive, stewards and officers. The nomination and election are done on the floor. Our CUPE National Rep, Joel Bentley, will be in attendance and will conduct our elections.

President (Currently held by Helen Hughes)
Vice-President (Currently held by Fatima Ferreira)
Recording Secretary (Currently held by Max Philion)
Treasurer (Currently held by Vicki Sundher)
Correspondence Secretary (Currently held by Melissa Worobel)
Membership Secretary (Currently held by Carla Evans)
OHS Chair
Member-at-large – Union Management committee

In addition to these positions there are also appointments to Standing committees, such as the Social committee, the Scholarship comittee, the Grievance committee and the Education committee which will also be made.

More information on roles see our bylaws.

Now we all know the most important part of every meeting is the FOOD!

Catering will be Deep India Sweets & Catering and the menu will be:

  • Samosas
  • Vegi Pakoras
  • Butter Chicken
  • Mixed Vegetable
  • Dal
  • Rice
  • Naan
  • Dessert choices will be: Gulab Jamun & Jalebi

See you there!

2016 CUPE 410 Executive