Creston Valley library workers ratify new agreement

CRESTON – CUPE 4959 and the Creston Library Association have signed off on a new collective agreement that includes a range of provisions and expanded benefits that will have a positive impact on families in the Valley, the local said today.

“We want to acknowledge the positive relationship with Creston’s new Chief Librarian, Saara Itkonen,” said CUPE 4959 President Gail Southall. “We hope this agreement and the productive discussions at the bargaining table will help those good relations continue well into the future.”

The revised agreement includes new language covering a wide variety of important topics. Some new provisions address precarious work and introduce leave for workers required to care for sick family members as well as those who have experienced domestic violence. The new contract also expands existing benefits to include same sex partners, and introduces new policy and procedures to prevent or respond to workplace harassment.

“Workers are especially pleased with the addition of leave and benefit provisions, as well as the measures to address precarity,” said Southall. “Ultimately, each of these provisions strengthen our community by providing necessary support to families, which—in a small town like Creston—can have profound, positive, community-wide impacts.”

The five-year agreement features a 10-per-cent cumulative wage increase in addition to other adjustments resulting from changes to the minimum wage in British Columbia. Workers at the Creston Valley Public Library have been working without a contract since the past agreement expired in December of 2017.

November 29, 2018

Victoria Library Workers reject employer concession demands, endorse strike action

Media release through CUPE BC on November 5, 2018:

VICTORIA—CUPE 410 members who work for the Greater Victoria Public Library voted more than 85 percent in favour of strike action during a balloted vote held Sunday. The vote comes on the heels of talks breaking off between the union and representatives of the Greater Victoria Public Library and Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association Saturday afternoon.

“After bargaining collaboratively for more than a year to make significant progress on key issues, the employer presented workers with a list of concession demands,” said Helen Hughes, CUPE 410 president. “The employer refuses to move on its concession demands and refuses to answer key questions about sweeping changes proposed to scheduling and use of auxiliary workers.”

The proposed concessions relate to the extent and nature of precarious work, the rules and wages related to scheduling during normal weekend days, and the use of student employees in place of existing, long-serving auxiliary staff.

“The employer proposes to save tens of thousands of dollars annually by replacing existing employees with more precarious staff who are paid less and have fewer workplace rights,” said Hughes. “While we remain committed to a negotiated resolution, we need the employers’ cooperation in producing a fair settlement at the bargaining table.”

As talks broke off Saturday, the employer reported that it would be applying to the BC Labour Relations Board to have a mediator appointed. The local’s bargaining committee remains hopeful that talks will revert to their previous positive tone, but are ready to take further action if needed.

“The last thing we want is to disrupt library users’ access to the services they count on,” said Hughes. “Know that we will be doing all we can to seek a negotiated resolution.”

CUPE 410 represents 240 workers at the Greater Victoria Public Library located at sites across the capital region.

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Municipal election candidates endorsed by Victoria Labour Council

This is from the Victoria Labour Council:

Municipal elections are quickly approaching. The Victoria Labour Council works with unions and community partners to identify key issues and priorities that are important to working people in Victoria and the surrounding areas.
Earlier this year we put out a call to those who plan on standing for office and wanted to seek endorsement from the Victoria Labour Council. We only endorse candidates who seek our support.
Our endorsement process is now complete, and we are pleased to recommend the following candidates to our members.

* identifies incumbent.
City of Victoria
Marianne Alto *
Ben Isitt *
Jeremy Loveday*
Grace Lore
Laurel Collins
Sarah Potts
Sharmarke Dubow

Central Saanich
Zeb King *

Judy Brownoff *
Colin Plant *
Zac de Vries
Nathalie Chambers

School District #61
Rob Paynter *
Diane McNally*
Ryan Painter
Jordan Watters*
Vincent Gornall

School District #62
Ravi Parmar *

Oak Bay
Andrew Stinson
Isabella Lee

Gordie Logan *

CUPE Task Force on Governance survey available online now

CUPE members are invited to participate in a new online survey on governance.

At our 2017 National Convention, delegates adopted Resolution 36, which called for the creation of a Task Force on Governance to “conduct a comprehensive review of the governance and structure of our National Union.”

In March 2018, our National Executive Board confirmed the Task Force, which is made up of eight NEBmembers and eight CUPE activists who serve in elected positions at other levels of our union.

As part of our work, we are seeking input from CUPE members, locals and other chartered bodies. Attached you will find a discussion guide and a survey. The survey has been sent in the mail to your local union. That same survey is also available to be completed online.

Make your voice heard and spread the word. Discuss the survey at your local meetings and tell us how CUPE can improve its governance.

Please complete the survey by November 15, 2018.

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CUPE 410 t-shirt selection for library workers

As part of a cost-share campaign with CUPE National we are in the process of ordering t-shirts for CUPE 410 library workers.  Please answer a very brief poll regarding the style and size of t-shirt you’d prefer here.

Below are examples of t-shirt styles (the style and colour will be slightly different but similar).  The t-shirt will also have a yet-to-be-determined design but we need sizing first!

The poll will close at midnight on Tuesday, September 4th.

Many thanks for your input,

CUPE 410 executive