AGM in a week & Food from Deep India

Our AGM is only a week away! Monday, November 28 at Nellie McClung at 6:30pm. Come to nominate and elect/re-elect your new executive, stewards and officers. The nomination and election are done on the floor. Our CUPE National Rep, Joel Bentley, will be in attendance and will conduct our elections.

President (Currently held by Helen Hughes)
Vice-President (Currently held by Fatima Ferreira)
Recording Secretary (Currently held by Max Philion)
Treasurer (Currently held by Vicki Sundher)
Correspondence Secretary (Currently held by Melissa Worobel)
Membership Secretary (Currently held by Carla Evans)
OHS Chair
Member-at-large – Union Management committee

In addition to these positions there are also appointments to Standing committees, such as the Social committee, the Scholarship comittee, the Grievance committee and the Education committee which will also be made.

More information on roles see our bylaws.

Now we all know the most important part of every meeting is the FOOD!

Catering will be Deep India Sweets & Catering and the menu will be:

  • Samosas
  • Vegi Pakoras
  • Butter Chicken
  • Mixed Vegetable
  • Dal
  • Rice
  • Naan
  • Dessert choices will be: Gulab Jamun & Jalebi

See you there!

2016 CUPE 410 Executive

Labour Day 2016

Greetings delegates and affiliated unions:
Please mark the date now and join the Victoria Labour Council to celebrate labour Day 2016!
Monday September 5th
BC Legislature
11am to 2pm
We are very pleased once again to have the TimeBenders proving the music for the event.

CUPE BC Convention 2016, notes from Adrienne Else

CUPE BC – 53rd Annual Convention, April 27-30, 2016

Adrienne`s Notes:

Thank you CUPE 410 for the opportunity to attend this convention with Matthew and Fatima! It was an intense and rather overwhelming few days. There was so much information to take in and I was moved by many of the stories and issues that the other delegates shared. I felt empowered and energized by all of the important work and advocacy our CUPE brothers and sisters are doing in this province to support each other and our communities!

Wednesday, April 27

New Delegates Seminar, 5:00-6:00 pm (I found out about how a convention works – resolutions etc.)


CUPE BC President, Paul Faoro’s opening address emphasized the need for CUPE members to get involved (with the BC NDP’s) and to work together in the year leading up to the next provincial election to defeat the BC Liberal government.

Thursday, April 28


Executive Report

Library Sector – Library sector experiencing challenging bargaining conditions across BC. Libraries – high levels of precarious work (shift work, understaffing, elimination of full-time positions.) Despite these challenges there have been some successes – CUPE Local 401, VIRL, ratified their collective agreement  and managed to make improvements to language and benefits. Successful “Love Our Library” campaign highlighted the important work CUPE members do in their libraries and communities!

“Keep it Public” campaign, CUPE Local 1978 CRD employees working to ensure that sewage treatment options in the CRD are kept public – No P3s!

Emergency Resolution #1:

CUPE BC WILL: Support CUPE Local 1978 in its campaign to ensure new wastewater treatment in the Capital Regional District is publicly owned and operate.

Encourage all CUPE members who live in the CRD to get in touch with their mayor and councils ad provincial and federal decision makers before May 31, 2016 to say that they support publicly owned and operated wastewater treatment facilities…

CUPE members working with and supporting various organizations who share concerns around fair and safe work, protection of the environment and the realities of climate change, the erosion of health care, education, etc. issues of poverty, homelessness, inequality for migrants, indigenous and racialized people.

CUPE members actively working to improve working conditions for all workers and the communities we live in!

Mark Hancock – CUPE National President

Mark Hancock spoke about the importance of unions speaking up about OH&S issues and violence in the workplace – improving workplace health and safety for public and private sectors (Bill C45 –employer’s responsibility to ensure workers’ safety.) CUPE’s important work to fight against precarious work, and for fair wages, benefits, and public services for all!

Day of Mourning Ceremony

Convention delegates participated in the National Day of Mourning ceremony on the steps of the legislature, to remember and honour workers killed or injured on the job.

Keynote Speaker: Mohamed Fahmy

Mohamed Fahmy spent 438 days in prison in Egypt after being arrested in 2013 under false terrorism charges. He values the fundamental work unions are doing to protect democracy! He is concerned about vague laws such as Bill C51. Fahmy has written a Protection Charter with Amnesty International (which he presented to Trudeau and Dion, and invited CUPE BC to endorse), to help journalists/photographers/and prisoners of conscience, unjustly imprisoned around the world.

CUPE BC Action Plan

Paul Faoro spoke about CUPE BC’s Action Plan (a two year plan which is in its second year.) CUPE BC, its affiliated locals, and committees remain committed to the fight for real gains in social and economic justice for our members, all working people, their families and communities. This action plan along with resolutions adopted by convention, outlines our priorities for the coming year.

**CUPE BC’s Forward Conference in Kamloops (send a CUPE 410 delegate?)

Library Committee Report

Library resolutions passed (78, 117, and 62)

Resolution 117: CUPE BC WILL: Support the efforts of CUPE locals in BC to inform and educate members about the nature and impact of precarious work in our Union and how to fight it, through tools such as pamphlets, fact sheets, and social media content including videos and infographics.

Council Watch

Paul Faoro stressed the importance for Union members to watch municipal and provincial candidates after their election, to make sure they are actually supporting the public services workers/areas they promised to support in their election campaigns.

Friday, April 29

Charles Fleury, CUPE National Secretary Treasurer’s Report

**Note: CUPE 410 needs to be more diligent with submitting our Trustees Reports to CUPE National!

Resolution #124

CUPE BC Will: Call on the Christy Clark Liberal government to address inequality in British Columbia by:
Eliminating new $52 per month bus pass fee for people with disabilities
Reinstating the $45 per year bus pass fee for people with disabilities
Retaining the $77 per month increase in disability benefits provided for in the budget

Speaker: Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond

BC is the only province without a child poverty plan. A child poverty plan includes investing money into the frontline service providers such as education assistants, health care workers, and community social services, dedicated to supporting children in need.

Saturday, April 30

Speaker: Irene Lanzinger, President of BC Federation of Labour

CUPE workers are what holds our province together! Unions’ fundamental job is to change the world!  She advocates for a Poverty Reduction strategy to address poverty inequality, and climate change. We can have good jobs and a clean environment! As of April 1st. BC has the lowest minimum wage in the country!

Environment Committee

Resolution #23

CUPE BC WILL: Demand the BC Liberal government revoke the permit given to South Island Aggregates (SIA) which allow them to deposit contaminated soils and other toxic substances in the sensitive Shawnigan watershed…

Call upon the BC Ministries of Environment and Energy and Mines to act in the public interest by supporting their regulations and protecting Shawnigan residents from unimaginable threat…

No life without water!!!

GVPL OH&S Committee Report for Local 410’s May 30th General Membership Mtg

GVPL Joint OH&S Committee Report for Union Membership Meeting – May 30, 2016

The last OH&S meeting was held on May 5, 2016 at OB.

Current OH&S branch reps: Dawn Holland (BH), Adrienne Else (CE & Union Co-chair), Debbie Chu (CS), Sarah Dyck (EC), Georgia Tomiuk (ES), Kate Wood (GO), Langford Heritage Branch rep, not yet determined, Rob Ewing (JF), Laura Baker (NM), Marianne Baatz (OB), Melissa Ferguson (SC), Paulette Kirkland (CaTS)

Management Co-chair: Emily Quelch for Carolina Munoz
Branch Supervisor liaisons as per Branch Supervisor rotation: Catherine Cardiff (CE-April), Darina P (OB/EC-May)
Resource People: Ben Parker (ITS)

Adrienne will deliver a brief verbal OH&S report at the May 30th union meeting.

Please visit V:\System_wide\Occupational_Health_Safety\Minutes\ to read complete OH&S meeting minutes.

Thank you to all of the OH&S reps and Branch Supervisors for their continued work!

Submitted by Adrienne Else

Victoria Labour Council – May 2016

18 May 2016

[There was no guest speaker]

Report of the CLC Representative:

– There is a campaign to pressure certain MLAs in BC so that they will encourage Christy Clark to support additions to the Canada Pension Plan.  (Altering the Plan requires approval from the provinces.)

– The CLC will hold two conferences in Ottawa: one for Young Workers; one on human rights and equity.

– The Federal Liberals have agreed in principle to legislate vs. asbestos.

– The CLC has a “1 Million Climate Jobs Action Plan”;

-Around Labour Day, the CLC will have a lot of messaging about standing for fairness–how the labour movement stands for fairness in general society, not just in their own workplaces.  Work on CPP is an example of this.

Reports of Delegates:

– Unifor 333 (transit)  8 months ago, BC Transit asked for bids on medium-sized buses.  Transit awarded the contract to a Chinese company that has only manufactured 15 buses in its lifetime.  Unifor plans a campaign about buying Canadian.  There are companies in other provinces who can build these buses.

– CUPW (postal workers)  The union will hold strike votes from May 28th – June 26th.  In the event of “work disruption”, postal workers will continue to deliver “socioeconomic cheques and live animals”.
Expect questions to the public on CUPW’s website–an opportunity for public feedback.

– (social services)  Workers in this sector now have a Memorandum of Agreement concerning portability.  If they have to switch jobs within their sector, they can keep their wages and seniority.  There have been a lot of problems with retaining employees, so this is good news.

– IBEW (electrical workers)  There has been progress vs. asbestos at the Federal level.  The union is pushing BC to adopt Alberta’s level of asbestos safety for workers, which would be a great improvement.  The delegate met with two Victoria councillors to revisit the issue of asbestos in the city.  3 retired workers have reported asbestos-related problems; two of these three had worked for the City of Victoria.
Progress in wages for electrical workers.

– (care workers)  The BC Nurses’ Union is raiding up-island.  The BCN targeted staff at Stanford Place in Parksville.

United Way:

– Stu Shields has been nominated as the new director.  He has a strong labour background.

Unfinished Business:

– The Day of Mourning event on April 28th was a positive event with 5- or 6-hundred attendees.

Good and Welfare:

–  MLA Maureen Karagianis will host a High Tea fundraiser on June 18th.  RSVP by June 1st.  40 women attended last year.

– Greater Victoria Acting Together has a series of house meetings coming up: small groups at members houses multiple times per week.

– The Rainbow Kitchen will be renovated Sept. 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 by Hero Work Volunteers.  More volunteers are welcome.  Unifor 333 will provide food.

-The VLC’s June meeting will be the last meeting until September.  Remember Pride Parade on July 10th, then remember Labour Day.

Vancouver Island District Council May 28, 2016

Vancouver Island District Council Report    May 28, 2016

Our guest speaker was from SEVA.CA.  Seva Canada is a Vancouver based charitable organization whose mission is to restore sight and prevent blindness in the developing world.  This was an excellent presentation and well worth donating money to.

Hand Bags of Hope.  These are handbags that will be filled with articles for women in transition.  We hope to fill them with love parcels, ladies supplies, emery boards, nail polish, things that can be used to help with job interviews and everyday life.  If anyone wishes to donate, please bring handbags, toiletries and other items to our July or September 2016 union meeting.

There is a Library Health & Safety Report on the CUPE BC website. This is well worth reading the PDF online.

VIDC Steward Conference November 23-25, 2016 Workshops include Steward Learning Series as well as Health & Safety Learning Series.  This conference is recommended for Shop Stewards, Executive Officers, Safely Committee Members and any member interested in more advanced union education.   Safety Sound-off, VIDC Occupational Health & Safety Committee Newsletter is readable here.

Victoria Labour Council – April 2016

VLC – 20 April ’16

Guest speakers:

– Peggy Wilmot from Greater Victoria Acting Together.  GVAT is looking for organizations to join their coalition.   GVAT offers leadership training, and will find and promote common goals among the members of the coalition.  As an example, she gave a recent victory by the Metro Vancouver Alliance concerning affordable housing.
She mentioned that one of the Vancouver Alliance members is the Canadian Labour Congress’s Pacific Region group.
One of the audience members asked Wilmot what GVAT needed.  They need organizations to sign up, and they will need money to pay a full-time organizer.

– James Coccola from the BC Federation of Labour’s Young Workers Committee  (also the VLC’s Young Worker).
The Young Workers Committee held a Grant’s Law sit-in outside of the Mac’s at Douglas and Yates.  (Mac’s strongly protested against the safety requirements in Grant’s Law.)  The Committee’s petition received over 500 signatures.  They had “lots of positive interaction”, and media attention from CHEK and CFAX.  (CBC documented the Vancouver event.)  Interaction with the Mac’s employee was brief but positive.

Union Reports: Reports of Delegates:

– IBEW 230.  “Victoria has no Fair Wage policy.  We should work on that.”
Labour issues involving the John Hart project; slow progress.

– Postal Workers.  Moving the workers at Discovery St. into the Glanford site involved gaining three p/t positions.
Canada Post wants rollbacks.

– Steelworkers 2009 (UVic).  A right-of-centre slate has been elected to the UVic Student Society’s board of directors.  The delegate expects trouble concerning privatization.

– Machinists.  Payroll troubles stemming from the government’s use of Phoenix software.  [cf. ]
No luck yet in their legal battle over the Expenditure Restraint Act.

– HEU  In Nanimo, the Wexford Creek care home has been privatized.  [cf. ]  80% of the Island’s long-term care homes do not meet the Province’s minimum staffing levels.

United Way Report:  Kim Manton brought VLC members to serve lunch at the Rainbow Kitchen in Esquimalt.
The annual Spirit Awards are this Friday Apr. 22nd.

Concerning the Rainbow Kitchen, another delegate mentioned May 13th, 10-2 at Tillicum Centre: paper-shredding; proceeds will go the the Rainbow Kitchen.  That charity’s site is undergoing an expensive renovation.

Good and Welfare:

– April 28th, at some point before the Day of Mourning event begins, a flag will be raised on the flagpole by the Cenotaph in front of the Legislature.

– The Pride Society is now registering participants for the parade on July 10th.  The registration fee has gone up.
Unifor 333 (Transit) will have a float and can take some passengers.

Vancouver Island District Council Meeting Jan 2016

30 Jan 2016         VIDC meeting
Stewards Convention is Nov 23, 24, 25, 2016, in Nanaimo.  Mark Hancock will be the Keynote speaker. Sign-up will include 3, 3 hour workshops of your choice.  Theme is Health & Safety.

2016 Lapel Pin Design Competition – Year of Health and Safety.  Competition runs March 17, 2016- April 10, 2016.  Pin must clearly represent safety in the workplace, include the year, be unique and reflect Vancouver Island’s uniqueness.  Maximum 2 designs submitted, (per person).   Entry forms must be submitted and can be found at  They are submitted to  Good-luck!

Sept Meeting we are collecting toiletries for “Purses of hope”

GVPL Joint OH&S Committee Report for Union Membership Meeting – March 21, 2016

GVPL Joint OH&S Committee Report for Union Membership Meeting – March 21, 2016

The last OH&S meeting was held on March 3, 2016 at CE.
Current OH&S branch reps: Dawn Holland (BH), Adrienne Else (CE & Union Co-chair), Debbie Chu (CS), Sarah Dyck (EC), Georgia Tomiuk (ES), Kate Wood (GO), Rob Ewing (JF), Laura Baker (NM), Marianne Baatz (OB), Melissa Ferguson (SC), Paulette Kirkland (CaTS)
Management Co-chair: Carolina Munoz
Branch Supervisor liaisons as per Branch Supervisor rotation: Amanda Butler (ES), and Becky Lee (NM)
Resource People: Peter Thompson (Member at Large), Ben Parker (ITS)

Key items from February and March 2016 OH&S meetings:

GVPL Wellness Program –various Wellness Program ideas are being worked on including the possibility of early morning Yoga for staff at the Central Branch, a Wellness session at the GVPL Staff Day on June 22nd, and an initiative with Alyson Haynes (GVPL staff member and certified athletic therapist). Catherine Putters has been writing a Wellness blog for BH staff and has agreed to share her blog with OH&S reps for posting in the Branches.  Marianne Baatz and Kate Wood are currently working on a presentation on safe work practices to be presented to the committee soon. Don’t forget to make use of the programs GVPL already has in place (Optim Employee & Family Services Program, Pacific Blue Cross, and WorkSafe BC resources). Ask your Branch Supervisor or OH&S rep for more information if needed.

Earthquake Kits for GVPL Staff –Columbia Fire and Safety Ltd. will now offer a 20% discount on Personal Emergency Kits and replacement supplies for existing personal kits. To take advantage of this great offer you need to be a GVPL employee and present your name badge, business card, or a copy of a pay stub. Order directly from Columbia Fire and Safety, #1-410 Garbally Road, ph# 250-386-6773. Ask your OH&S rep for more details. (Thanks to Bonnie Fraser for arranging this!)

GVPL First Aid program improvements –this 2016 initiative is still in progress…
•Increase number of attendants/Training and Support throughout GVPL
•To establish clear guidelines, roles and responsibilities for First Aid Attendants around the system and to encourage First Aid   Attendants to share information and support each other.

WSBC Reports and ADV reports – A reminder that it is important that all staff be trained in Emergency Procedures. It becomes a liability issue if staff members are not trained. This also pertains to auxiliary staff members (including Pages) working around the system. Branch Supervisors please make sure that all staff receive training and take time to provide an orientation for each new staff member working at their Branch.  Additionally it is very important whenever a staff member is injured at work, even with something small like a paper cut, the incident should be reported through a Service Desk Ticket, in the OHS Incident/Concern queue. A WorkSafe 6A form must also be completed and attached to the ticket even if no work is lost. If no further action is required the form is filed. If delayed symptoms or complications arise, the WorkSafe 6A form is an important piece in the process of obtaining compensation/support for a workplace injury or RSI.

Please visit V:\System_wide\Occupational_Health_Safety\Minutes\ for complete OH&S meeting minutes.

Thank you to all of the OH&S reps for their work!  :)

Submitted by Adrienne Else