Precarious Workers Survey


Hello All,

In the next week or so a steward in your branch will speak with you about the precarious worker survey that CUPE BC has launched.  We were chosen to participate and we are hoping to get as many as possible of our auxiliary, temporary, and part-time workers to fill out the survey.


The deadline for completing the survey is December 16th.  The CUPE survey site says to allow 10-15 minutes for completion but if you have comments to make, please allow yourself more time.  This survey is very important and we want the best results possible!


From CUPE BC website:

CUPE is concerned about precarious work, but in order to address the problem we need to understand your needs better.  We want to find out the issues you face at work, and in your life as a result of your work.  Once we compile all the information, we can work on some solutions together.

Precarious work is characterized by a lack of job security, unpredictable schedules, low or inferior levels of pay, reduced worker control over workload, limited or no access to health and welfare benefits.  Employer pressure for workplace ‘flexibility’ often leads to more part-time and term work, and less full-time regularized work.


Please do not hesitate to contact your executive, or stewards, with any questions.

Many thanks,
CUPE 410 executive

Melissa Worobel

I'm a Circulation Assistant at the Emily Carr Branch :)