GVPL OH&S Committee Report for Local 410’s May 30th General Membership Mtg

GVPL Joint OH&S Committee Report for Union Membership Meeting – May 30, 2016

The last OH&S meeting was held on May 5, 2016 at OB.

Current OH&S branch reps: Dawn Holland (BH), Adrienne Else (CE & Union Co-chair), Debbie Chu (CS), Sarah Dyck (EC), Georgia Tomiuk (ES), Kate Wood (GO), Langford Heritage Branch rep, not yet determined, Rob Ewing (JF), Laura Baker (NM), Marianne Baatz (OB), Melissa Ferguson (SC), Paulette Kirkland (CaTS)

Management Co-chair: Emily Quelch for Carolina Munoz
Branch Supervisor liaisons as per Branch Supervisor rotation: Catherine Cardiff (CE-April), Darina P (OB/EC-May)
Resource People: Ben Parker (ITS)

Adrienne will deliver a brief verbal OH&S report at the May 30th union meeting.

Please visit V:\System_wide\Occupational_Health_Safety\Minutes\ to read complete OH&S meeting minutes.

Thank you to all of the OH&S reps and Branch Supervisors for their continued work!

Submitted by Adrienne Else