CUPE is the largest union in Canada and they keep on growing

Canada’s largest labour union keeps on growing as they announce their membership has reached 680,000 workers nationwide.

The latest figures come following a year of organizing successes across the country. Together in 2018, thanks to the hard work of CUPE staff, member organizers and activists, over 7,800 workers from a diversity of sectors joined the union. There is so much to be proud of.

CUPE represents workers in every province, working in sectors like child care, communications, education, emergency and security services, energy, health care, libraries, municipal, post-secondary, social services, and transportation. CUPE was founded in 1963 with 57,000 members.

Some of the members CUPE has recently welcomed are :

  • WestJet Encore Flight Attendants
  • TAPS (Together Against Poverty Society)
  • 48 Professional Librarians from Surrey Public Library
  • 18 Municipal and Library workers of Fort St James and 6 service workers from District of Mission
  • CUPE 374 and CUPE 1004 also welcomed members to their union
  • K-12 workers in Powell River welcomed 2 IT workers to their union
  • 25 workers from Nelson CARES Society at Stepping Stones Emergency Shelter

Interested in how many Locals are in BC? Check out the link :

CUPE BC Annual Convention May 1-4, 2019 – Victoria BC

CUPE Local 410 – President Darrell Joyce and Treasurer – Vicki Sundher are pleased to represent the “Greater Victoria Public Library Workers” and the “Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Workers” at the 56th Annual CUPE BC Convention.

International Workers Day - EN

CUPE marks International Workers’ Day 2019

On May 1, workers around the world rally to honour the fight for an eight‑hour workday, and to call for decent work, dignity and respect. CUPE recognizes International Workers’ Day, or May Day, in solidarity with millions of workers.

CUPE stands with all workers organizing for safe working conditions, a living wage, benefits and a decent pension, as well as for accessible, affordable public services. We draw inspiration from our international solidarity connections and the courage of workers who risk their lives every day for these demands.

Climate Strike Canada – May 3, 2019. Join CUPE members and thousands @ 12pm at the Victoria Legislature. More info about the movement can be found at

Climate Strike Canada is part of the global youth-led climate school strike movement. Our mission is to steer Canada off our current path of social and ecological catastrophe; creating a better world by cultivating a culture of compassion and respect.

Inspired by the Fridays for Future movement, students and supporters across Canada will be striking en masse on May 3rd, 2019.

Climate justice is about more than greenhouse gas emissions. It’s about workers’ rights. Indigenous rights. Migrant justice. Anti-racism. Affordable housing. Each battle is entangled within another, and we can’t win any if we don’t unite to fight them all.

Nesrine Malik “Where we are today, how we got here and how we can make it better”

Silence Breeds Racism

Self-congratulatory complacency about rising hate is a serious problem that can lead to more “alt-right” disasters in the wake of the Brexit vote in Great Britain, the rise of Donald Trump, and rejuvenated white supremacist groups everywhere, guest speaker Nesrine Malik told delegates on Tuesday.
In a hard-hitting speech that urged delegates to look inward, the popular Guardian columnist called on union activists and other progressives to take more responsibility in combatting xenophobic racism, Islamophobia, and anti-immigrant bigotry. Otherwise, she warned, we’ll see more outcomes like Brexit/Trump.

“Such events could not possibly have snuck up on us,” said Malik. “We were not victims, we were accomplices. We tend to think that people carrying tiki torches got all their influence from right-wing sources. But they’re also empowered by our general silence: those who are not affected by these events dismiss the bigots to the fringes.”

Malik challenged delegates to subject themselves to what she called The Dinner Table Test: how normalized has a previously shocking thing become, she asked, when people no longer flinch at it?

“The next time you hear a bad comment, don’t just roll your eyes or let it pass,” she said. “The trick is to look at someone who is different from you and understand that it is in your interest to protect them.”

“alt-right” disasters in the wake of the Brexit vote in Great Britain, the rise of Donald Trump, and rejuvenated white supremacist groups everywhere, guest speaker Nesrine Malik told delegates on Tuesday.

To watch this inspirational keynote speaker speak at CUPE National Convnetion, a link has been provided below.