Surrey, BC Librarians vote to join CUPE

Professional Librarians at Surrey Public Library have voted to become CUPE members in a Labour Board vote held on Wednesday.

Issues important to professional librarians included organizational change that impacts services to the public and having a voice at work.

“We warmly welcome professional librarians to our union, especially since October is National Library month” said Sub-local Chair, Denise Parks. “We look forward to representing them in the same robust, effective and innovative way we’ve represented all our members for the past 35 years.”

The 48 professional librarians will join 180 members who work at the Surrey Public Library. They will be members of CUPE 402-02, the Libraries unit of CUPE 402. CUPE now represents all public library workers in the Lower Mainland.

“Public libraries are incredibly valuable to all of our communities, and it makes me proud to stand up for this important public service,” said CUPE 402 President, Jeannie Kilby.

– Oct 19, 2018

Link to article on CUPE National website here.

Municipal election candidates endorsed by Victoria Labour Council

This is from the Victoria Labour Council:

Municipal elections are quickly approaching. The Victoria Labour Council works with unions and community partners to identify key issues and priorities that are important to working people in Victoria and the surrounding areas.
Earlier this year we put out a call to those who plan on standing for office and wanted to seek endorsement from the Victoria Labour Council. We only endorse candidates who seek our support.
Our endorsement process is now complete, and we are pleased to recommend the following candidates to our members.

* identifies incumbent.
City of Victoria
Marianne Alto *
Ben Isitt *
Jeremy Loveday*
Grace Lore
Laurel Collins
Sarah Potts
Sharmarke Dubow

Central Saanich
Zeb King *

Judy Brownoff *
Colin Plant *
Zac de Vries
Nathalie Chambers

School District #61
Rob Paynter *
Diane McNally*
Ryan Painter
Jordan Watters*
Vincent Gornall

School District #62
Ravi Parmar *

Oak Bay
Andrew Stinson
Isabella Lee

Gordie Logan *

CUPE Task Force on Governance survey available online now

CUPE members are invited to participate in a new online survey on governance.

At our 2017 National Convention, delegates adopted Resolution 36, which called for the creation of a Task Force on Governance to “conduct a comprehensive review of the governance and structure of our National Union.”

In March 2018, our National Executive Board confirmed the Task Force, which is made up of eight NEBmembers and eight CUPE activists who serve in elected positions at other levels of our union.

As part of our work, we are seeking input from CUPE members, locals and other chartered bodies. Attached you will find a discussion guide and a survey. The survey has been sent in the mail to your local union. That same survey is also available to be completed online.

Make your voice heard and spread the word. Discuss the survey at your local meetings and tell us how CUPE can improve its governance.

Please complete the survey by November 15, 2018.

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